Our Story

Kuware was founded by Avi Kumar in Austin, Texas in 2007 with an initial focus to create several online businesses and webstores of its own. Our successes and failures gave us the essential business background of Internet Marketing and Information Technology and we quickly recognized a need for these services in other small businesses.

Kuware began offering Internet Marketing and Information Technology services to companies which lacked the resources to develop these solutions on their own. Through our work with other businesses, we have become a one-stop-shop for all internet-based services as well as small business and marketing consulting. To us, the Internet is simply another means to accomplish goals and not the answer to every business’ problems. Our team works hard to understand your business before suggesting practical and affordable solutions.

Founder: Avi Kumar (BSEE, MSEE, MBA), CEO

Avi is an engineer at heart. He has education and training in both computer engineering and business and loves to solve real world business problems. Before founding Kuware, Avi worked on an IP-focused technology start-up called Kuware Technologies, Inc that was funded by investors from China and Taiwan. He has launched multiple online retail businesses and consulted with business owner on product concept, design, launch, and growth strategies.

Avi received his Masters in Computer Engineering at The University of Texas in 1994 and also received a MBA in Marketing from The University of Texas in 2004. Avi began his career at Motorola, where he led the Architecture Performace group for PowerPC processers, but the majority of Avi’s corporate career was with Intel. His notable successes with Intel include creating products for the recently developed Ultramobile PC category and directing the product definition for Intel’s first line of Atom processes for netbooks and mobile devices.

When he’s not working, Avi enjoys watching Hindi films, taking apart electronics, and reading business books. He can grow a superb moustache and likes trying different foods from around the world.

Locations and Offices

We are backed by 80+ engineers through our associates and partners in the US and India. With employees around the world, we are able to work 24/7 to produce top quality solutions for our clients.

All of our associates in the US and some of our associates in India work from their home offices. This keeps our costs down and helps us strike a better work/life balance.

Current Direction

Kuware’s current business model has been so successful that we are in the process of expanding to other cities through partners and licenses. Please contact us if you are interested in building your own business as an agency owner with frontend training and backend support from Kuware.


E-mail: howdyATkuwareDOTcom

  • Austin, Texas, USA

    Local Phone: +1.512.364.0165

    Toll Free: 1.888.286.8304

    Address: 9306 Tiber Cir
    Austin, TX 78733

Avi Kumar