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LinkedIn Premium Plans Pricing and Features
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LinkedIn Premium Plans Pricing and Features

LinkedIn Premium takes your game on LinkedIn to the next level. It opens up the additional features from LinkedIn that give you the edge and helps you achieve goals more efficiently.

{Just a refresher} With a premium account you can;
  • Message people outside your network
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Access to additional insights related to jobs, companies and people
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning Library

Presently, LinkedIn offers 4 types of premium accounts: Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator (Premium Sales) and Recruiter Lite (Premium Recruiter)

We have sifted through the pricing and features of premium plans. We present the offerings in an easy-to-consume table format below. Hopefully, this will help you decide between the Business and various Sales Navigator plans offered by LinkedIn.

We are in the business of lead generation, so we might be biased when we say this, but we find Sales Navigator an indispensable tool when working on a campaign for our clients. But it is still worth exploring as you can always do their 30-day free trial to kick the tires before plunking down your money.

If you want to know more about LinkedIn and how to use it for prospecting, reach out to us, and we will be happy to help you.

NOTE: We would love to stick to our purpose of business and sales prospecting. That’s why we are keeping Premium Career and Premium Recruiter i.e. Recruiter Lite out of our feature comparisons presented below for now. {FYI: We will be coming up with a new blog soon about them too in the coming week}

 LinkedIn FreePremium Business Sales Navigator Professional Sales Navigator Team Sales Navigator Enterprise
CostAnnual & Monthly: $0Annual: $575.88($47.99 per month)
Annual:$779.88($64.99 per month)
Annual: $1240.00 per license ($103.33 per month)
Monthly: $134.99 per license
Annual & Monthly: Need to Contact LinkedIn
Who’s Viewed My Profile 5 last views only All views in the last 90 days All views in the last 90 days All views in the last 90 days All views in the last 90 days
Number of InMails per month 15203050
View profiles and activity for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections YesYesYesYes
Advanced Search Filters YesYesYes
Number of Save as Leads you get 1500500010000
Lead recommendations based on your sales preferences, search history and profile interactions YesYesYes
Track Leads using Custom Lists YesYesYes
Share Custom lists with other users YesYesYes
Job Change Alerts to network YesYesYes
News Alerts about Prospect & Company YesYesYes
Add Notes & Tags to leads or accounts for better tracking YesYesYes
Access to Sales Navigator Learning Center YesYesYes
Access to dedicated Mobile App YesYesYes
Access to CRM Widget to show Sales Navigator YesYes
Information within your CRM
One-click CRM Sync to log and import sales activity to and from your CRM YesYes
Search Unlocks for accessing Out-of-Network Profiles (per month) 2525
Send warm introductions to prospects using TeamLink Team Network Company Network
Managing Seats BasicEnterprise-grade
Team’s Usage Reporting YesYes
Integration for Single Sign-On Yes
Volume Discounts YesYes
Access to Invoicing YesYes
Get a dedicated Relationship Manager YesYes
CRM Data Validation Yes
Usage Data Analytics Integration Yes
Access to LinkedIn Elevate Alerts Yes

*Sales tax not included


We have been doing LinkedIn Prospecting for the last 5 years and have seen LinkedIn recognizing the need for Business Networking and Lead Generation through its platform. The Teams & Enterprise plans are a good addition and the new features that come along with them, open up a huge opportunity for people and companies to interact, connect and grow.


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