Is wordpress the best choice for your e commerce store

Is WordPress the Best Choice for Your E-Commerce Store?

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, and due to its open-source, efficient content management system, and superb user-friendliness, it has since become an extremely popular platform for all kinds of websites – now including e-commerce, too.
whats in a title from astro logical love to how to satisfy a woman every time

What’s in a Title? From Astro-Logical Love to How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time

Many noted marketing experts, in their blogs, presentations, and even books, have utilized the story of author Naura Hayden, who is said to have released a book in the early 1980s that flopped, and later re-published it with a new cover and title, in the early 90s, to then become
true hourly rate

Small Business Owners: Know your time’s worth!

What is your True Hourly Rate? This is the first question I ask when working with small business owners and especially single person businesses. Most common answers I get are something like this: “I charge $200 per hour for my consulting, so my internal hourly rate is $200.”