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LinkedIn Lead Generation Service Providers: a comprehensive List for 2020
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LinkedIn Lead Generation Service Providers: a comprehensive List for 2020

LinkedIn has been ranked #1 as the most trusted social media platform. With over 500 Million users and 40% coming back every day, it gives marketers a great opportunity to connect with close to 100 million prospects every day.

To gain the most from this opportunity, there is a sudden rise in agencies offering prospecting services for LinkedIn. So, after such a positive response to our previous blog, A Comprehensive List of LinkedIn Automation Tools, we researched this market and found the following information:


Leadership: Casey Gollan
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Claim: Nailed the process of providing qualified leads constantly.


  • Targets decision makers who buy
  • Ongoing leads every week
  • Setup takes just minutes to be up and running
  • Claim one of their client grew to $500M in 4 years


Leadership: Sean Anthony, Founder
Location: Seattle, Washington, US

Claim: Offers Done-For-You sales prospecting services to deliver qualified leads to B2B Startups, Saas and Tech Companies.


  • Fully managed LinkedIn prospecting campaigns
  • Outbound Email campaigns on LinkedIn to drive qualified leads
  • 8-12 high-end sale lead delivered every month
  • In-depth research of prospects for improved personalization

Lead Cookie

Leadership: Jake Jorgovan, Founder
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

Claim: They help B2B companies with leads through LinkedIn done-for-you lead generation campaigns.


  • Target connecting with 100 profiles per day
  • Send 4-step drip message over 30 days period to build up the relationship
  • Guarantee High-Quality leads in 30 days or money is refunded


Leadership: Adam Vine, Founder


Claim: They are a B2B client acquisition agency skillfully combining LinkedIn with Email to prospect, connect and engage prospects.

  • 8 step process for lead generation on LinkedIn
  • Begins from Discovery to Pipeline Management

Lead Lemonade

Leadership: Minh Nguyen, Founder
Location: Chicago, Illinois, US

Claim: Done-for-your B2B Lead Generation.


  • The website claims to get 10-20 sales appointments with decision makers
  • 3 Step process – Connecting with customers on LinkedIn, Funneling them to a chatbot and Sending email sequence to nurture
  • Offer 30-day money back guarantee

Link 2 Success

Leadership: Hirra Daanial, CEO
Location: Pakistan

Claim: They run targeted and affordable LinkedIn lead generation campaigns that put the clients in front of the decision makers.


  • They follow 4 steps process starting with Free LinkedIn Assessment >> Optimizing LinkedIn Profile >> Send Personalized Invites >> Follow up with a warm welcome message.
  • As per their website, they communicate 20x better ROI at 10x less cost.

Linked Into Leads

Leadership: Trevor Turnbull, Founder & CEO
Location: Burnaby, British Columbia, CA


Claim: They offer lead generation solutions that are impact-driven and transform B2B sales results.

  • Their 3 step LinkedIn Lead Generation Process – Clarity >> Connect >> Convert

Linked Lead Entreprises

Leadership: Yakov Savitskiy, CEO
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US


Claim: They are a full service “done-for-you” LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation agency.


  • They have a 4 step M.A.D.E method for LinkedIn.
  • The CEO gives on demand training and the program costs $1997

LinkedIn Lead Ninja

Leadership: Darren Kurilko
Location: Sarasota, Florida, US

Claim: They offer “done for you” marketing solution for LinkedIn.
  • They offer a service which can help businesses get 3-5 leads a week.
  • For this they have designed a 5 step approach


Leadership: Josh Turner, Founder
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, US

Claim: Helping B2B companies generate leads using LinkedIn and Email.
  • Provides 4 solutions – Outsourced Lead Generation Campaign, Lead Generation Training, Automation Tools for Lead Generation and One-on-one training.
  • They have a 5 steps process for lead generation.

Outbound Advantage

Leadership: Vincent Fabrico, COO
Location: Coral Springs, Florida, US

Claim: They are a B2B Lead Generation agency claiming to be world leaders with their 100% done-for-you prospecting team.
  • Offer Cold E-Mail and US based Cold Calling team in addition to LinkedIn Marketing.
  • Follow a 6 steps process for LinkedIn Prospecting.
  • Offer 3 levels of service – LinkedIn Marketing, Pilot Program and Rocket Program.

The Conversion Company

Leadership: Susan Tatum, Founding Partner
Location: 1013 Harbor Blvd #16 Oxnard, CA 93035

Claim: They have been generating sales call for the last 10 years using LinkedIn.
  • Handle your LinkedIn account on your behalf.
  • Use old-fashioned ways to generate leads using one-to-one value-based outreach messages.
NOTE: If you find a related service we haven’t included, please let us know here!

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