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Perfect LinkedIn Profile and Summary for your Job-Search or Prospecting – A Checklist!
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Perfect LinkedIn Profile and Summary for your Job-Search or Prospecting – A Checklist!

Face it: you’re on LinkedIn to sell. But you’re not just selling your skills, or goods or services – you’re also selling yourself. There is more value in being interested, than in being interesting. Rather than emphasizing your greatness, talk about what you can do for others.

From our experience helping our clients grow their target audience on LinkedIn, we’ve narrowed it down to the following key aspects – use this checklist to enhance your own profile:

Get people’s attention with a noteworthy and current profile

  • Treat your headline like your 120-character elevator pitch – make it count!

  Do not use your job title here

  State what you can do for your target audience
  Focus less on how great you are, and more on how well you can serve
  Check how it looks on mobile (especially line breaks; adjust phrasing as needed)

  • Use a professional headshot

  Check it on mobile
  Go with a solid background
  Make sure that it’s recognizable as you

  • Add a distinctive touch with a quality background image

  One that is 100% unique
  No unmodified stock images
  Take your own photo, buy an image, or modify a stock image

  • Have an enticing summary

  Again – check it on mobile; only the first one-to-two lines will show in browse, so make them count!
  Tell a story
  Edit for proper spelling and punctuation

  • Fill out all of the applicable sections

  Be specific
  LinkedIn highlights completed profiles

Stand out amidst the crowd

  • Maximize your SEO with targeted keywords (use Google Keyword tool to find relevant keywords)
  • Go with the “Other” website option to clearly link to your own site
  • Claim your monikered Profile URL
  • Keep only the relevant endorsements, and arrange your skills by importance
  • Add any of your own media – and a video to really pop

Expand your circle of influence

  • Find people with common interests or backgrounds and make new friends right here on LinkedIn
  • Utilize the Advanced Search option to target your connections
  • Always send personalized messages for connection invitations
  • Write articles that add value to your readers and intrigue new followers
  • Join groups that are aligned with your mission and interact with fellow members

Connect with intent

  • Set your “Profile viewing options” to “Full profile” with the “Your name and headline” option

  Let people know about your interest in them

  Stalk anonymously as needed, in “Private mode”

  • Utilize the Relationships feature to keep track of how you’re connected to whom
  • Form bonds over time

  Start by offering support

  Build trust and familiarity

  Make requests only after a relationship is established

  • Always post with a positive attitude, and keep it business-related
  • Collect Recommendations through personal requests with suggested components

Integrate your whole approach with a goal-oriented strategy at every step

  • Be single-minded about it – what’s the one thing you’re you after here?
  • Showcase what you’re offering – how are you trying to impact the market?
  • Differentiate yourself among your competition – what makes you special?
  • ENGAGE your audience – who are you, who are you addressing, and why?
  • Follow inspirational leaders to keep you learning and growing
LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking service out there, and it has vast potential to substantially impact your business or career – when used correctly. If you would like help tightening up your profile and growing your audience, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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