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manisC team image

Manish Chib

Known as the ‘Delivery’ boy at Kuware, Manish is responsible to get clients what has been committed. He is an ‘Ops’ guy to the core and displays deeper understanding of systems to streamline the work flow. Away from work, he likes to take on food tours, catch up with his...

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Manish Kumar

Manish K a.k.a MK at Kuware is the magician who brings the vision of our clients, creative and backend team alive. He is the Mr. Ever-ready member of the team and is always willing to take up new challenges. He is a firm believer of work hard and party harder....

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bhuvi team image

Bhuvanesh Goyal

Any website or application requires a strong functionality to run on and it is Bhuvi, who at Kuware who makes it look easy. His knack to understand the structure and dig deeper for better understanding helps to maximize the true potential of the platform. Outside of work, he loves to...

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ankita team image

Ankita Solanki

Ankita joined Kuware Operations in 2015, and is now a part of our Sales team. She enjoys modeling and acting on the side.

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surbhi team image

Surbhi Rastogi

Running after keywords, Surbhi is always on the lookout for the number 1 position on Google for clients at Kuware. Her consistent efforts and creative approach along with thorough research and analysis have helped clients improve their rankings across search engines. Apart from work, she is into reading blogs and...

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neha team image

Neha Kadyan

The UI Expert at Kuware, Neha keeps the user experience at the centre of every design she works upon. Aiming at pixel perfection, she is usually found spending her day mostly on photoshop or finding out what’s new in the world of style and design. Outside the world of design...

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sanjay team image

Sanjay Singh

Sanjay is one of our key lead generators and prepares reports for our clients. He is professional about his work and excels at conducting research. When he’s not at work, he’s likely listening to music, exercising at the gym, or snapping a selfie.

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pooja team image

Pooja Dhingra

With excellent analytical skills, Pooja manages digital marketing campaigns for our clients efficiently. She has completed her Masters in Computers with a curious bent of mind. On weekends she loves to catch up with her friends or watch a movie.

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divita team image

Divita Pandey

Responsible for Graphic Designing at Kuware, Divita can usually be found spending her days on either photoshop or illustrator. When away from work, she likes to watch films, bake and read.

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pratibha team image

Pratibha Yadav

Pratibha is responsible for managing digital campaigns for our clients as well as for preparing weekly reports for them. During weekends she loves to spend her time either with her friends or travelling.

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