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Using profilemagnet for recruiting

Using ProfileMagnet® for Recruiting

Using ProfileMagnet for Recruiting

ProfileMagnet® has proven to be a great solution for many people who want to generate targeted, inbound leads for sales. We often get asked, however, if ProfileMagnet® can be tasked with other use cases, such as recruiting. So we tried it, and the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Our ProfileMagnet® solution is a combination of software and people. At a high-level it works to generate inbound leads from prospects targeted through Sales Navigator. It has worked for years for sales and business development, but recently we expanded it to recruiting.

The first step is to draft a status update promoting the position you are seeking to fill with a link to the job description on your website. We will post this status update to your LinkedIn profile, monitor it, and repost it whenever it gets pushed down in your profile feed. For visibility purposes, we want to keep this status update at the top of your profile feed as much as possible.

The next step is to know the type of person or avatar you want to recruit. Once you have that, we will consult with you to change your headline to something that will entice potential recruits to reach out to you.

With your profile in order, we will use Sales Navigator’s filters to target your “avatars” on LinkedIn. Our solution will visit 1,000’s of targeted profiles daily and return 2-3 connection invitations per day, minimum. Many of these will be exactly the type of person you want to recruit.

At that point, you accept the connection invitation with a custom message that we help you craft. You are now well on your way to interviewing ideal candidates to fill your position.

Keep in mind, the savvier candidates will review your profile prior to sending you a connection invitation. Since we posted the position in a status update to your profile, some of these savvier candidates may apply directly on your website, before or after they send you a connection invitation. As a pro tip, you may want to give additional consideration to those that took that extra step as it implies an innate thoroughness, creativity, and initiative that perhaps the other candidates lack.

In nutshell, that is it. We have successfully helped multiple clients recruit and fill positions using our ProfileMagnet® solution. Got a position to fill? Reach out to us at magnet@kuware.com or learn more by visiting www.ProfileMagnet.com.