Employee Equipment Agreement

Equipment  agreement (the "Agreement"), dated May 23, 2024  between Skajn Marketing Technologies Private Limited (the "Employer") Plot No. D, 107, Vyapar Marg, D Block, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

 And S/O (the "Employee/Contractor") located at  

Equipment Information: 

Laptop Serial Number:

Addition Hardware: 

By signing this form, I, the employee,  acknowledge the equipment above is in working order and that I agree to the  following terms:

  1. The  equipment is to be used for company purposes only;
  2. If the equipment is damaged (excluding normal wear and tear), lost, or stolen outside of company premises or off company time, the Employee is responsible for any repair or replacement costs.
  3. Upon separation from the company, the Employee will return the equipment in good working order. If I fail to return the equipment upon separation from the company or if it is damaged (excluding normal wear and tear), I authorize a payroll deduction to cover any replacement costs the company might incur.
  4. In case of termination or resignation, the Employee will be responsible for shipping all the hardware within 3-5 working days at the Employer’s expense.
  5. After receiving the hardware, the Employer will release the final salary, hardware shipping cost, and experience letter. 
  6. Non-return of equipment on Voluntary or Involuntary Employment  Termination will result in legal action from the Employer.


Date: May 23, 2024

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