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Hypergrowth delivered through the Science of Marketing™


Our CMOs and Marketing Strategy Managers Deliver!

  • Brand loyalty
  • Increased Sales
  • Hypergrowth

How do we do it?

A systematic scientific approach to marketing:

  • DASH™ : Discovery, Analysis & Strategy Highlights
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Systems Setup
  • Marketing Management

Six Science of Marketing Equations

  1. Hypergrowth =   Profitable Product + Solid Strategy +  Impeccable Implementation
  2. Marketing Spend  <= ( Sale Price – COGS – COS) x 80%
  3. Marketing ROI =  (Sales Increase X  Net Margin)/(Marketing Spend)
  4. Solid strategy + Impeccable implementation = Effective marketing
  5. Questionable Strategy + Impeccable implementation = Questionable marketing
  6. Solid strategy +  Questionable implementation = Questionable marketing

What Our Clients Are Saying

Brands we have impacted

Kuware-Intel-logoSamsung KuwareFluidity KuwareIQS INC KuwareMolecularmatch KuwareGeneral Motors KuwareShadeTree KuwareShadowmatch KuwareJonathan PaulAcer Kuware Brazen Kuware Inmedex KuwareICPA KuwareExSquared KuwareElan KuwareDevlyn KuwareCAG KuwareAustin Tie KuwareAustinSpeedShop KuwareAustin Holistic Fitness KuwareDell KuwareRotrally Client LogoEZ PAWN Client Logo Halolife Client Logo

Marketing & Technology Partners

Kuware-Digital-ocean-partner-logoActive CampaignawsGoogle PartnersLiquid WebWP engine Klaviyodatabox Digital Ocean Shopify Hubspot


eCommerce: Learnt by doing it. Selling Shrinkwrap Software and unbranded Hardware on Website and Amazon. We were ranked Number One seller in Category on Amazon. Remember, Zen Cart, anybody?
Marketing, eCommerce Websites: Partnered with Vendors in India.
Social Media Marketing Services added.
Developed Web Apps. Dedicated Fully Managed Websites for Customers.
Android and iOS Mobile Apps Development started.
In-house Team set up in India.
Became Full Service Digital Agency for Agencies and select Clients.
Custom Data Mining Tools for Digital Marketing and Social Media.
Digital Strategy and Implementation Partner with ROI based guaranteed results.
Fractional Chief Marketing Officers to provide marketing strategy and manage implementation.
Book Published: Turning LinkedIn into Money
eCommerce Done-for-You ( Design, Dev, CRO, CVJO, Mangement, Marketing & Advertising for your online store.
Launched Tiktok Marketing & Advertising services for eCommerce:

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