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  • You’ve got big growth goals for 2024
  • Your ads aren’t working like they used to
  • Growth has stalled (or stopped altogether) and you need some help

Six Equations of "Science of Marketing®"

  1. Hypergrowth =   Profitable Product + Solid Strategy +  Impeccable Implementation
  2. Marketing Spend  <= ( Sale Price – COGS – COS) x 80%
  3. Marketing ROI =  (Sales Increase X  Net Margin)/(Marketing Spend)
  4. Solid strategy + Impeccable implementation = Effective marketing
  5. Questionable Strategy + Impeccable implementation = Questionable marketing
  6. Solid strategy +  Questionable implementation = Questionable marketing
Kuware Local
  • Customers visit your office/store
  • Home services: you visit the customer
  • Usually B2C
  • Daily leads delivery is top priority

Local Marketing delivery
Account managers +
implementation team

  1. Analysis
  2. New website or revamp
  3. Organic + paid media management
  4. Lead management
  5. Reviews and reputation management
Niches: Plumbing, HVAC, Legal, Automotive and more
Kuware Global
  • Your physical location is less/not relevant
  • SAAS, online services, ecommerce
  • B2B and B2C
  • Long term growth strategy is top priority

Global marketing delivery
Fractional CMO +
implementation team

  1. DASH™ : Discovery, Analysis & Strategy Highlights
  2. Marketing strategy
  3. Marketing systems Setup
  4. Marketing management
  5. Custom reporting on growth KPIs
Niches: eCommerce, Insurance, IT services, Technology startups

Marketing & Technology Partners

KUWARE® Timeline

Launched Google PPC competitive intelligence tool.
Give us a break! We don't need to launch something new every year 🙂
Acquired InvisiblePPC® ( Done-for-you Google PPC Ads white label service for agencies.
Added Tiktok Marketing & Advertising services
Design, Dev, CRO, CVJO, Management, and Marketing & Advertising for your online store.
Book Published: Turning LinkedIn into Money.
Fractional Chief Marketing Officers to provide marketing strategy and manage implementation.
Digital Strategy and Implementation Partner with ROI based guaranteed results.
Custom Data Mining Tools for Digital Marketing and Social Media.
Became a full-service digital agency for agencies and select clients.
In-house team set up in India.
Android and iOS mobile apps development started.
Developed web apps. Dedicated fully managed websites for customers.
Social media marketing services added.
Marketing, eCommerce websites: Partnered with vendors in India.
eCommerce: Selling DTC from website and Amazon. Ranked #1 seller for serviced categories.

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