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What is Organic SEO ?

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is the art and science of improving the search engine ranking of a website using “organic” or unpaid search results. This is different than driving traffic to your site using pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and takes both time and dedication to create the best results.
Spider-driven search engines, such as Google, use “robots” or “crawlers” to rank websites across the Internet.
Since Google and other prominent search engines constantly change their algorithms in an effort to maintain purity in their search engine results pages (SERP), it is essential that your website receive ongoing on-page and off-page optimization, adjustments, updates, and backlink enhancements congruent with up-to-date techniques and formulas.
There is no magic when it comes to SEO. A quality search engine optimization campaign is unique to the company it serves, takes time and dedication, and is formulated through different components. The two primary components of SEO are on-page and off-page optimization.

On-page optimization refers to enhancing the visible content on your website and adding meta tags to the backend of your site (only visible by search engines) to aid search engines in finding your content. This is not about fooling search engines, but rather working within search engine guidelines to make your website more visible. Off-page optimization is the process by which your content is discussed and your key phrases highlighted on other sites. It also involved bringing backlinks to your site from high-quality external websites.

At Kuware, we pride ourselves for our comprehensive Search Engine Marketing process, which includes the following steps:
  1. Understanding your business
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Performance tracking
  4. Campaign adjustments
The initial set up for a SEO Marketing project is typically 1-6 months. After the project has been established, your Kuware team will work to continually optimize your site for the best traffic and results.
  1. Key Phrase Analysis and On-Site Optimization
  2. Off-Site Optimization and Content Creation and Promotion
  3. On-going On-Site and Off-Site Work and Campaign Adjustments
  4. Continue and Adjust SEO Campaign on as-needed basis

Kuware’s Search Engine Marketing Process

1. Understanding Your Business
Our strategy is simple: to develop the best Search Engine Marketing plan for you, we take the time to learn your business. A Kuware Search Engine Marketing campaign begins with a meeting in which you explain the fine points of your business. We take your lead, perform further research, and present a SEO strategy that meets your company’s unique needs.
2. Search Engine Optimization
The next step is to begin the on-site and off-site optimization process. On-Site Optimization: This includes the content visible on the website & the meta content which is only seen by search engines. We will help you refine and optimize this content to encourage search engines to find your site. It is completed at the beginning of the SEO process & is refined on an ongoing basis. Off-Site Optimization: This is the work done on other sites to increase your site ranking. Typically, this will include building links, publishing articles & blog, commenting in forums, creating videos promotions & publishing press releases. It is an ongoing process which must continue to help gain & maintain a high ranking on search engines.
3. Performance Tracking
It is important to track the results of your site’s SEO progress in a quantitative manner. This way, we can determine if the campaign has been successful or if we need to make improvements. The usual metrics we use to track SEO are Search Engine Rankings, Leads Generated, and Return on Investment (ROI).
4. Campaign Adjustments
After we have evaluated the performance of your SEO campaign, we will begin to make minor (and ongoing) adjustments to continually improve the campaign.

Timeline for Search Engine Marketing

The initial set up for an SEO Marketing project is typically 1-6 months. After the project has been established, your Kuware team will work to continually optimize your site for the best traffic and results.

SEO Month 1

We understand your business objectives, present a key phrase analysis, work together to determine the best key phrases for your site, and begin on-site optimization.
  1. Broken link test and fixing
  2. Browser compatibility testing
  3. Load time testing and fixing
  4. Fix in-line Javascript and CSS
  5. Fix on-site CSS and HTML errors
  6. Home page link test
  7. Meta tag creation
  8. Title, header, anchor, and alt tag creation
  9. Robots.txt creation
  10. Social media page creation and linking (ex: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  11. Site map creation
  12. Register the site with search engines

SEO Months 2-4

During this time, we will begin the off-site optimization process which includes backlinking, writing blogs, and publishing press releases.
  1. Industry-specific directory submissions
  2. Submission to free directories
  3. Premium directory submissions
  4. Link development
  5. Social bookmarking
  6. Preparation for articles and press releases
  7. Article and press release creation and promotion
  8. Blog post writing and promotion
  9. Gathering data for videos
  10. SEO Performance and ROI Analysis Reports
  11. On-going analysis and adjustments

SEO Months 5-6

After four months, we will analyze the results of the SEO and make adjustments to the on-site tags and off-site process to generate the best results.

  1. The on-site and off-site procedures from months 1 and 2 will continue to be analyzed and adjusted during this time.
  2. SEO Performance and ROI Analysis Reports

What happens after six months?

By this time, we will have a more clear idea of the best way to increase traffic to your site. We will continue the off-site process and make further necessary adjustments to the campaign.