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Website Architecture (Design)

Kuware looks at website design in a unique way. We like to consider ourselves Website Architects. Often, visually appealing sites can be difficult to use while user-friendly sites are unattractive but easy to navigate. An architect has to manage both form and function and we apply that concept to website design.
Your new website will be custom-designed to be both attractive and user-friendly. We will work with you to establish the structure of the site then design the website to reflect that structure and your business’s personality. The possibilities are endless; any website design or function you can image or dream of, we can bring to life.

Easy to Administer

Your website needs to be able to change with your business. We ensure that you can update the site and change content quickly after the site is complete. All our websites are based on modularized content management systems (CMS). These systems make updating content as simple as using a word processor and uploading images to Flickr and videos to YouTube. Our preferred CMS platforms are open source platforms like Drupal and WordPress.
The same concept applies to eStores. You need to be able to upload new products and manage orders easily. Whether your websites needs a basic credit card processing function or a full online store, we can develop it and make it simple to use. Read more about eStores and credit card processing in our eCommerce section.