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Do you need help with the Science of Marketing ?

Marketing Automation: the process of using software to automate components of Marketing. Yes, Marketing is the combination of Art and Science. Art can define processes which science can automate. We are experienced and certified on major automation platforms like Hubspot, Marketo and Bazaarvoice. Are you good at art of Marketing and need somebody to do the Science for you?

HubSpot In-Bound Marketing Certified Partner.

Our team members keep up with the platform evolution at HubSpot so we can offer comprehensive support to our clients and partners.

HubSpot Software Supports following Inbound Activities

Blogging, SEO, Social Media, CMS, Lead Management, Landing Pages, Calls-to-Action, Marketing Automation, Email, Analytics and CRM Sync.

HubSpot Design Certified Partner


Our team can deliver on creating from custom Landing Pages to complete websites within HubSpot ecosystem.

These activities require development support in HubSpot:

  • Building Landing Pages
  • Blog Design
  • HubSpot CMS based websites development

Marketo Munchkin Tracking and REST API Gurus.

Our team experience with integrating custom lead generation and tracking solutions from Marketo.
Our clients can make use of full Marketo capability without being limited by Marketo Forms. We can build a completely custom solution which will feed information to your Marketo Account, including custom lead scoring.

Marketo Automation Software

Requires technical expertise to do any custom work and integration of third party lead generation tools with Marketo.

Bazaarvoice Integration Experts

KUWARE team is experienced with Bazaarvoice Configuration portal and Integration. We are staffed to handle your all Bazaarvoice configuration and integration needs from start to finish.

Bazaarvoice offers a suite of applications:

which enables capture, manage and respond to product reviews and Question and Answers. This increases customer engagement and Brand loyalty while providing valuable feedback on the products.

Marketing Automation Expertise:

  • Marketing intelligence gathering
  • A/B testing
  • Analysis of marketing campaigns and customers
  • Management of marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation tracking
  • Lead qualification and scoring
  • Nurturing casual contacts from leads to paying customers
Good Digital Marketing should create casual browsers into interested leads and then interested leads into paying customers. This process can be automated. Potential customers at different state of their buying process are looking for different content. And delivering wrong content can distract them from their buying journey. A well done Marketing automation can nurture potential customers at various levels of interest.
There are a lot of good courses and some absolutely free available about this marketing process. But no matter what is your level of understanding at the end of the day you will need technical help to take care of your Marketing Automation needs. And at KUWARE we do only Science. Your team our marketing Partners can help you with the Art.