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Hootsuite vs Agorapulse? Why we switched from Hootsuite to Agorapulse.
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Hootsuite vs Agorapulse? Why we switched from Hootsuite to Agorapulse.


We had been using Hootsuite for managing our clients since 2017. After using it for 2 years, in January 2019, we learned about Agorapulse from fellow agency owners.
As a marketing agency that loves to be on the top of new tools and technologies for our clients to have the best, we initiated in-house research to find out about Agorapulse.


Agorapulse was charging $468 per year for 3 social profiles and 1 user, whereas Hootsuite was to be paid $228 per month for 10 social profiles and 1 user. It was concluded that Agorapulse was working out to be more expensive than Hootsuite. As we were using Hootsuite primarily for Social Media posts scheduling, we stayed with Hootsuite.

During our research we found a few positives about Agorapulse, like;

      1. Conversations were all stacked at one place called Inbox and can be auto-marked when replied to. Something that Hootsuite does have but Agorapulse is cleaner and simpler.
      2. (Amazing Feature) Team collaboration feature helps a team member know if another one is replying to the message. It avoids any conflicting messages going out.
      3. Hiding comments on posts was again one of the features that gives efficient single-window management for social media posts.
      4. (NOT to miss feature) Free Inbox Assistant from Agorapulse helps in automated moderation. Very useful when you are NOT available to respond. Rules can be set up and actions can be defined for these set rules for automated replies to comments.
      5. “Badges” are assigned to followers who engage with the social media activity. This helps in targeting the right people and fans.
      6. Monitoring Competitors’ social activity is another winning feature from Agorapulse that is NOT available in Hootsuite.
      7. The Agorapulse Keyword Monitoring tool used for listening is much more effective when it comes to monitoring conversations on social media.
      8. Unlimited Reports from Agorapulse makes it stand out against Hootsuite.

By March 2019, we had more client’s signed up and scope of social media services had increased, giving us the opportunity to switch to Agorapulse.

Reason: As we scaled our accounts on Hootsuite, we ended up subscribing to a plan which was costing us $1,428 per year.

For the same number of clients on Agorapulse, we had to pay $1,092 per year. A savings of $336 per year!

2020 UPDATE – Pricing


US$29/moUS$129/moUS$599/moCall for pricing
10 Social Profiles
1 User
20 Social Profiles
3 Users
35 Social Profiles
5+ Users –


10 Social Profiles
2 Users
25 Social Profiles
4 Users
40 Social Profiles
8 Users
60 Social Profiles
20 Users

From the above table, we can still see a similar pattern, the cost for Hootsuite is low for the starting plans but as you scale up, it becomes costly.

The advantage with Agorapulse is that the starting plans are feature-rich and there are no additional payments required for additional services like in Hootsuite.