Science Of Marketing®

B2C & D2C

(Business-to-Consumer and Direct-to-Consumer)

Design/Dev, Promotion, Optimization,
and Management for your Online Store!


Why I love eCommerce Clients?

Avi Kumar (Founder & CEO)

eCommerce Headaches?

  1. You build it and they are not coming!
    Not enough traffic to your site?
  2. They are coming, but not buying!
    Traffic but No Conversion?
  3. Cost of Sale too high?
  4. Website slow and technical headaches?
  5. Slow or No Growth
    Not scaling?

How long do you plan to put up with the above problems?




Q1. Not enough traffic to your site?

A1. Organic and Paid Traffic Strategy and Implementation

Q2. Traffic but No Conversion?

A2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Q3. Cost of Sale too high?

A3. Positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Strategy and Implementation

Q4. Website slow and technical headaches?

A4. Technical SEO and ongoing technical support

Q5. Not scaling?

A5. Profitable, Predictable and Scalable system

We focus on ROMAS, not just ROAS!

Ask your agency: “show me the ROMAS!”

ROAS: Return on Advertising Spend
is a great metric but what about all that other money
you spend on Marketing. You want your overall Return on Investment.
ROMASTM : We focus on Return on Marketing and Advertising Spend.
We believe in this a much better all-encompassing metric.

Is this you?


You have at least a few paid customers (product-market validated)!


You have a committed budget for marketing and advertising!

No Headaches

You do not want the hassle of hiring/training and managing a marketing team!

One True Love

You are looking for a one-stop shop to handle all your eCommerce!

Are you serious about eCommerce?

If YES, then we would love to talk with you and help you with your eStore.

We are Bazaar Pros, your eCommerce partner

We can handle your Marketing, Advertising, and Technology


We can run the complete eCommerce Business for you


Let’s change your experience and more importantly your results

with our service and performance based pricing.



  • Best for up and coming business
  • Current sales < $25K/month
  • Investment: Performance-based


  • Best for business seeking growth
  • Current Sales $25K-$100K/month
  • Investment: Performance-based


  • Best for established business
  • Current Sales > $100K/month
  • Investment: Performance-based

What you get?







Process to deliver stellar results for you

  • Rigorous onboarding to understand your specific business, current assets, and bringing clarity to your vision
  • DASH: Our proprietary Discovery Analysis and Strategy Highlights process and reporting
  • Implementation playbook
  • Data driven Advertising Campaigns
  • Quick Pivots to leverage information gathered from Campaigns
  • Ongoing optimization of customer experience to create frictionless sales and to get most for your total Marketing and Advertising Spend
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting of ROMAS
  • Old fashioned hard work applied with the latest technology and marketing trends

Our commitment to our clients!

  • Fully transparent process
  • Ongoing tracking and reporting
  • Your own full marketing team
  • Dedicated team members you will know by name

Technology and Marketing partners

Some of our eCommerce Clients

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