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Mobile Websites

By 2013, it is expected that the current number of people using mobile devices to connect to the internet will grow from 60 million to 170 million in the United States alone. That means it’s imperative your business have a mobile-compatible website to sell products and services. Reach more of your target audience and new site visitors through their smart phones!

When you open your website on an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android browser, your website does not look exactly the same as on your PC. Mobile browsers can sometimes disfigure your website if it has not been designed for a smaller mobile screen, making the display chaotic and disorganized.

Mobile Site Solutions

  1. Redesign your current website to be mobile friendly. Some design elements cannot look good on both the desktop and mobile platforms, so this option is more of a compromise. However, this is probably the least expensive solution.
  2. Design a separate website for mobile phones with a subset functionality. The web server will automatically detect the browser and will deliver the mobile version of the site to any mobile browsers.
  3. Design and develop a full functional mobile version of the main website. This means you will have two fully functional sites and the web server will deliver the correct version to a desktop or mobile platform automatically. This is the most expensive alternative, but the best solution if a mobile platform is important for your audience.

Once we have helped you assess your mobile website need and identified the best solution, Kuware can create a mobile optimized website that will correctly display on all smart phones. Our mobile site offerings include a complete site conversation to accommodate web content display, eCommerce, advertising and mobile SEO.