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LinkedIn Premium Plans Premium Career vs Recruiter Lite x
Manish Chib

LinkedIn Premium Plans: Premium Career vs. Recruiter Lite

Linkedin does not make it easy to compare its plans, that is the gift of Microsoft, just look at their MS office plans
Llinkedin automation tools comprehensive list for A

LinkedIn Automation Tools: a comprehensive list for 2020

Do you use automation tools to manage your activities on LinkedIn or have you been trying to find out which one works the best for you? We have put together a list of many such automation tools with key information...
Linkedin lead generation tools comprehensive list for

LinkedIn Lead Generation Service Providers: a comprehensive List for 2020

With LinkedIn having more than 500 Million users and 100 Million coming back every day, this opportunity gave birth to prospecting services for LinkedIn.
Successful Marketing Hacks during the COVID Globa Pandemic
Mary Mckeown-Christie

Successful Marketing Hacks during the COVID Global Pandemic

What not to do, and 5 immediate action items that will produce results. Review the summary notes and presentation from a recent TIE Austin webinar by Avi Kumar, CEO of Kuware here.
marketing strategy vs vision have you been getting it wrong this whole time

Marketing Strategy Vs Vision (Have You Been Getting it Wrong this Whole Time?)

Having a vision is an important first step in your journey to achieving business objectives. It entails a degree of competency, imagination, and passion that when combined, helps form a vivid image concerning the materialization of your dreams.
must have features of marketing automation software

6 Must-Have Features of Marketing Automation Software

As marketing becomes more sophisticated, marketers are leveraging technology to streamline marketing tasks and improve service delivery. One way that technology has boosted marketing is through marketing automation, which basically involves optimizing marketing efforts to increase efficiency.
How i increased profile views by

How I increased Profile views by 321%!

There are literally thousands of Linkedin experts today, with claims to fame like “self-taught”, “abusive childhood to millionaires” and “bankruptcy to millionaires”. Quoting Twain, “That don’t impress me much”.
Instagram mobile vs desktop

How is Instagram app different from its desktop version?

Instagram launched in 2010 as a photo-sharing app designed to capture picturesque moments of our lives. Since that time, it’s evolved into an established social network, a messaging tool, and an ad platform, which exists on both mobile and desktop.
Writing that perfect subject line to get the most opens yaa series yet another advice series

Writing that perfect subject line to get the most opens: YAA Series

You can have the best email campaign in the world, but it’s useless if your customer never opens your messages. Advertising legend David Ogilvy once said, “Five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.
Linkedin seo how search works on linkedin

LinkedIn SEO: How search works on LinkedIn

At one point we all wonder why do the search results appear as they do when we search and as marketers we all make efforts to be there on the top for customer to click for us. Same goes for LinkedIn, we would like our profile to be on the top when someone searches. But how do we get there, read this article and find out search on LinkedIn works.
Using profilemagnet for recruiting

Using ProfileMagnet® for Recruiting

Hiring companies use our ProfileMagnet to find the perfect candidate for that position... Click below on Read More!
pro tips for getting the most out of linkedin

6 Pro Tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn

Here are 6 Pro Tips for getting the most you can out of LinkedIn. We have compiled together 6 Pro Tips for you to optimize and improve your LinkedIn profile. Click below on Read More!
tips for writing engaging content

14 Tips for Writing Engaging Content

I can’t teach you to write engaging content in the space of a blog. I‘m not sure I’m even qualified to try. I can, however, offer as many tips as I can that I’ve picked up along my content marketing journey throughout my career.
How linkedins content distribution algorithm works

How LinkedIn’s Content Distribution Algorithm Works

Ever wonder why you are seeing the content you see in your LinkedIn homepage feed or how or why others see your content on LinkedIn? It’s not random. It’s governed by LinkedIn’s “Content Classifier” Algorithm, which employs machines and people.
Whos viewed your profile on linkedin not working

Who’s Viewed Your Profile on LinkedIn not working?

Did you notice a sudden a drop in your LinkedIn profile view backs in the last couple of weeks? And if you use Sales Navigator to view users profile then we have an explanation. Read on!
How to do a boolean search on linkedin free version

How to do a Boolean Search on LinkedIn (free version)

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for finding prospects. It becomes more powerful when you take advantage of all its features.
sales tips for using linkedin

4 Sales Tips for Using LinkedIn

You may be surprised how much you can learn from a prospect’s profile, such as what office they work out of, the projects they are working on, and what team they are on. Using a little effort and creativity will allow you quickly to map out a picture of who you should be talking to and what they’ve done before.
questions to ask your fractional cmo

6 Questions to ask your Fractional CMO

These days it is easy to find less expensive resources who may be knowledgeable in 1 or 2 marketing disciplines, such as SEO or content marketing. Your CMO, however, should have a strong general marketing background.
How to write a blog post that people will read

How to write a blog post that people will want to read?

You’ve got your niche, your area of expertise, but how do you pick a topic for your next post that will actually entice your audience to read it? Here are the steps you'll need to follow: What is your audience?
Do you know your linkedin social selling index ssi score

Do you know your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) Score?

LinkedIn gives you a Social Selling score called the Social Selling Index. Do you know yours?
ways a fractional chief marketing officer can help your busines

5 Ways A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Can Help Your Business

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is exactly what the name implies. He or she is an executive-level marketing resource, with years of strategic and tactical marketing experience, whom you hire on an as-needed basis.
great ways nurture value prospect linkedin

How to Nurture High Value Prospects on LinkedIn

Here are 5 great ways to nurture a value prospect on LinkedIn. Click here to read more.
reasons not to hire a fractional cmo

8 Reasons NOT to hire a Fractional CMO

#1: Your sales guys already have too many good leads. #2: You don’t want to hire an extra accountant to help book all your sales. #3: You have unlimited money for marketing. #4: You love doing marketing in your spare time.
the power of an inbound linkedin connection invitation

The Power of an Inbound LinkedIn Connection Invitation

Inbound connection invitations on LinkedIn are like a gold mine. A valuable commodity may lie in there, but you need to mine it. Are you getting the most out of your inbound connection invitations on LinkedIn?
Prime real estate linkedin headline

Prime Real Estate: Your LinkedIn Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is the high-end real estate of your profile. It’s one of the first things people see likely one of the few things they see before deciding to engage with you. You’re your headline encourage engagement?
Facebook boost a post or create an ad whats the difference

Facebook: Boost a Post or Create an Ad… What’s the Difference?

One question that seems to perplex even experienced Facebook marketers is the difference between boosting a post and creating an ad. Hopefully, we can provide some clarity.
KT what is best for your business paid organic traffic x A

What’s Best for Your Business – Paid or Organic Traffic?

Paid advertising is just for those with the big bucks, right? WRONG! If you’re just getting started, or still needing to grow your customer base, then you can’t afford NOT to pay for your traffic. But isn’t “organic” better?
Is wordpress the best choice for your e commerce store

Is WordPress the Best Choice for Your E-Commerce Store?

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, and due to its open-source, efficient content management system, and superb user-friendliness, it has since become an extremely popular platform for all kinds of websites – now including e-commerce, too.
whats in a title from astro logical love to how to satisfy a woman every time

What’s in a Title? From Astro-Logical Love to How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time

Many noted marketing experts, in their blogs, presentations, and even books, have utilized the story of author Naura Hayden, who is said to have released a book in the early 1980s that flopped, and later re-published it with a new cover and title, in the early 90s, to then become a New York Times bestseller.
perfect linkedin profile

Perfect LinkedIn Profile and Summary for your Job-Search or Prospecting – A Checklist!

Your LinkedIn profile is an always-on, personal branding statement and your chance to differentiate yourself. Good profiles encourage engagement, while bad ones don’t. Are you maximizing this opportunity?
Linkedin premium plans pricing and features
Manish Chib

LinkedIn Premium Plans Pricing and Features

LinkedIn has multiple membership plans - from basic up to Sales Navigator’s top-shelf plan. Curious on which plan is right for you. We compiled the features and pricing of each all in one place, so now you can decide.
true hourly rate

Small Business Owners: Know your time’s worth!

What is your True Hourly Rate? This is the first question I ask when working with small business owners and especially single person businesses. Most common answers I get are something like this: “I charge $200 per hour for my consulting, so my internal hourly rate is $200.”
Installing wordpress from shell command line

Installing WordPress

If you have shell access, the fastest way to install WordPress is from command line. By doing this, you avoid the hassle of installing WordPress by downloading it manually to your computer and then uploading it to the server.
Drupal essential contrib modules

Drupal 7 Essential Contrib Modules

Drupal 7 Essentials: These modules should be included on all Drupal 7 sites. Please check and make sure all these modules are installed on Drupal 7 sites. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check in theme, if the module is already installed.
Web hosting server providers

Web Hosting Server Providers

Are you ready to go with your own website? If so, then it’s time to find a good web host that can put all your effort on the web, give you the tools, bandwidth, and storage you need, and support you when you need help.
Best marketing automation companies

Best Marketing Automation Companies

Every organization needs marketing to survive in this competitive world. It is the backbone of every brand-to-customer relationship. As a company starts to grow, it becomes difficult to handle all the data and profiles of thousands of customers.
Best drupal jquery slideshow modules
Manish Chib

Best Drupal jQuery Slideshow Modules

Humans are visual by nature. And nothing jazzes up a website, with very little effort, like a slideshow. For most sites, this is the first thing on the home page. It also makes it nice and easy to keep your visual content updated.
Do i need cms
Manish Chib

Do I need CMS for my Website?

As per W3Techs.com, over 60% websites still do not use CMSs. So if over half the websites do not use it, why should you use a Content Management System (CMS)?
Drupal vs wordpress

Drupal Vs WordPress

Increasingly our customers are asking us which Open Source CMS they should use. There are many choices, but the current state of the art points to two rapidly growing platforms: WordPress and Drupal.
Ecommerce open source online shopping carts

eCommerce – Open Source online Shopping Carts

If you need a shopping cart online, there are many options. It’s no easy task to decide on an eCommerce solution for your business. Cost is the most obvious factor, while considering the solution and Open Source Software is a strong contender when compared on price with proprietary solutions available in market.
Drupal updates maintenance cost

Drupal Updates Maintenance Cost

Drupal is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), which means it is available for free use but you still need to maintain Drupal sites and that is not FREE. Why is that? On a simpler philosophical level the answer is “Time is Money”.
corporations are going to track your internet browsing

Corporations Are Going to Track Your Internet Browsing

According to Zack Miners of Computer World, “the [internet] Do Not Track system is in tatters and that pair of boots you looked at online last month is still stalking you from website to website.”
Everything you need to know about the heartbleed bug

Everything You Need to Know About the Heartbleed Bug

Everything You Need to Know About the Heartbleed Bug The Heartbleed bug is a recently disclosed vulnerability in the commonly used OpenSSL cryptographic technology.
Organic seo the path to a successful online business

Organic SEO – The Path to a Successful Online Business

Organic SEO is a method to help a website obtain visibility, ranking, and popularity with search engines by using certain natural or organic (unpaid) techniques and methods.
Googles new search query alert feature for webmaster tools

Google’s New Search Query Alert Feature for Webmaster Tools

In most workplaces a webmaster has to wear many hats and deal with multiple projects. This means it can become very difficult to keep track of multiple websites, and occasionally a problem can develop and not be noticed for some time.
PPC campaigns its all about the keywords

PPC Campaigns – It’s All About the Keywords

Improving your brand presence and building up your market requires in-depth analysis of how you market your products and services. There are certainly a number of steps you can take using traditional sales and marketing methods, but another option that.
Organic seo will help your business get to the top

Organic SEO Will Help Your Business Get to the Top

Organic SEO is the process of getting your web page ranked high in the major search engines. Optimizing for each search engine involves different SEO processes, but if done properly, will result in a big boost for your business.
Google spreadsheet a new feature in webmaster tools

Google Spreadsheet – A New Feature in Webmaster Tools

While checking our webmaster tools we generally feel the need to download the data directly to our Google spreadsheet. This has recently been made possible with a new download option in our webmaster panel.
Introducing googles webmaster academy

Introducing Google’s Webmaster Academy

Continuing education is very important for webmasters, especially given the constant addition of all the new features to websites, as well as the analysis required. Webmasters are flooded with an enormous amount of data when starting up a website.
Googleplus Badges

Google+ Badges

In November, 2011, when Google launched Google+ pages, they also released Google+ badges to promote Google+ on websites. These Google+ badges are now out of preview, and available on all websites and for all users.
Google snippets

Google Snippets

Almost every time we search on Google we have a pretty good idea about what we are looking for, but as the results are displayed, we need more details so we can see which sites suit our requirements the best.
Googlebot for smartphone

Googlebot for Smartphone

Accompanying the trend of increasing smartphone sales, a number of websites have recently started providing content specifically designed to be accessed on smartphones. Googlebot-Mobile has now initiated a crawling smartphone user-agent, in addition to its previous feature phone user-agent.
Google search get or post

Google Search: GET or POST

Google continues to update its crawling and indexing capabilities. Most recently, Google has improved its indexing of Flash, and came out with a very robust infrastructure called Caffeine. With increased usage of JavaScript and AJAX, it has been noticed that more and more pages require POST requests.
Google analytics update

Google Analytics Update

Based on feedback from recent search query data regarding Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics has added the following reports in the traffic source section.
Site health

Site Health

Webmasters are typically very busy people. With dozens of websites to manage, they have no time to waste. So to help out busy webmasters, Google Webmaster has come up with a new idea to represent "site health".
Website reconsideration

Website Reconsideration

A live website must be submitted to Google before it will appear in Google search results. However, a website may not appear in Google searches even after submission, or it may suddenly start ranking lower, despite apparent compliance with the Google Webmaster Guidelines.
Ultrabooks a triumph over tablets

Ultrabooks: A Triumph over Tablets

The tablet market will be going on a diet very soon. Analysts predict a new breed of portable computers: Ultrabooks. A gutsy bring-it-on call by Intel is going to capture about 40 percent of the entire tablet and laptop market by the end of 2012.
Clouds and the mobile world

Clouds and the Mobile World

In the past, you had to send files by email, or save your work on a flash drive, when you moved from one computer to another. This is no longer the case today, as you can now access your data from the “cloud” on computers and mobile phones anywhere in the world.
The end of the road for flash

The End of the Road for Flash?

Adobe Flash is a popular multimedia authoring platform, and Adobe Flash Player is a proprietary multimedia player, created by Macromedia/Adobe Systems, that is frequently added to web browsers as a plug-in app for playing Flash-based animation, movies, and games.
I have great website do i need to do more

I have a great website – do I need to do more?

What if you do have a great looking website, elegantly highlighting your brilliant product or service that everyone will love – do you need to worry about online marketing?
Welcome to kuware blog

Alphabet Soup of Online Marketing

Internet marketing is full of acronyms, and new ones keep popping up regularly. Lets start by clearing up the most popular terms among the alphabet soup of Online Marketing.