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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing or “sponsored ads” are paid links placed in search engines at the top and right side of the search results page. PPC are the fastest way to get your site out in front of highly desired markets using keyword searches.
With PPC campaigns, you can set your own daily budget to determine approximately how much your monthly advertising will cost at all times.
Each keyword or keyword phrase has a different big amount depending on the monthly search volume. The higher the search volume, the higher the minimum bid amount. Sponsored ads will help increase your visibility to potential customers and typically offer a higher conversion rate.

It is important to note that if PPC ads are your only source of driving traffic, your search engine ranking will not improve. In fact, the minute you stop the PPC campaign, you will stop receiving traffic to your site. A PPC ad run in conjunction with organic SEO and social media campaigns is a superior long-term online marketing strategy that will result in an increase to your search engine ranking.

PPC Strategy

Kuware will work closely with your marketing team to implement a PPC strategy that will help you reach your goals sooner. PPC is used for testing the value of certain keywords that you may use as a part of search engine optimization. PPC helps increase leads and drive business when you are in the initial stages of SEO and Facebook PPC campaigns can help you build a fan base quickly.

PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns are set up to specifically target the exact market that you identify. Quick processing time allows PPC campaigns to be used for either short-term promotions or seasonal business while setting daily and/or monthly budgets so you know the approximate amount you are spending on advertising.

PPC Management

Kuware will manage all your PPC campaigns. We will make adjustments to your daily and/or monthly budgets to ensure you are getting the most out of your advertising by maximizing your ROI.