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Confusion between Traffic and Conversion: Get all Answers here!
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Confusion between Traffic and Conversion: Get all Answers here!

It’s been a long debate that every business owner thinks about determining which is more crucial: website traffic or conversions?
You can work on both, but if you want to know which will result in greater sales and more money, then the truth is that both are crucial.
But, if you’re seeking a quick answer? Then read on, and you will get the answer you have been looking for.

What is traffic?

It all starts with website traffic. Simply defined, traffic refers to the number of people that have visited your website. This might come from various sources, such as search engines or social media.
In reality, organic Google searches account for around half of all traffic, including website traffic, typically comprised of both window shoppers and serious purchasers. Depending on how effectively your site is designed, you can convince them to buy on their first visit.
Having a good amount of internet traffic indicates that the market is responding positively and is interested in your products and services.
Whereas, If you’ve noticed a decrease in the volume of traffic to your website, well, then it’s time for you to look into techniques to increase traffic.

What are conversions?

Conversions are the number of website visitors who complete a specific action on your site. A conversion can look like this: “A visitor clicked on an ad that asked them to sign up for an event and eventually ended up signing in.”, It can be a conversion if someone looked for a product on Google, clicked on your site, and purchased the product from you.
Depending on your marketing strategy, you may want your visitors to sign up for a newsletter, download something, read a blog, schedule an appointment, or, in most situations, purchase anything from you. You define a conversion for your business and goal.

Why is Website Traffic Important?

You must engage the local audience in order to increase website traffic. It is a strategy that will benefit you in improving your chances of gaining new consumers. You’ll also have additional opportunities to produce qualified leads to nurture.
The goal is to lead to the sale of a product or service to win a new customer or reclaim a lost customer. Of course, your company’s growth does not rely solely on website visitors, but it does, however, play a significant role in your overall sales & conversions.
After all, the more traffic you have, the higher your conversion rate will be, primarily if you concentrate on improving the quality of your traffic.
The amount of traffic to your website has a significant impact on your business. These 3 points can let us know the importance of traffic & how it affects us:
  • It shows that the better your website is, the more visitors you have.
  • If not all your traffic is good enough to turn into a reasonable conversion rate, then it’s time to rethink ways to increase the quality of your traffic.
  • The better the quality of your visitors, the higher your conversion rate.

Do Conversions Matter More?

Conversions are more valuable than traffic alone because of their return on investment. You can attract tons of visitors, but your investment is for nothing if none of them buys from you.
A poor conversion rate most typically indicates that your ads or organic ranking are excellent, but something about your website isn’t as effective as it should be.
Technically, both traffic & conversion are necessary, but having a lot of visitors won’t help you if they don’t buy your items or services. You want to close a sale to increase your revenues, and the only way to achieve so is to increase your conversions.

Apart from revenue, the conversion rate offers various other insights. They are as follows:

  • Whether your business plan is a success or a disaster.
  • This shows you if your strategy is working and allows you to experiment with various marketing strategies.
  • Creating an in-sync sales funnel that will improve your website, campaigns, and sales procedures.

How To Turn Traffic Into Conversions

If your website is receiving a lot of traffic, that’s a good sign that your digital marketing initiatives are working. Now, you should focus on upgrading your website to increase conversions from these visits.
Turning traffic into conversion should always be your end goal!

Here are some tips that you can try to enhance your website that plays a significant role in increasing your conversion rate:

  1. Make your website’s design clear and simple to navigate.
  2. Copywriting that is persuasive, engaging, and innovative.
  3. Test the placement of your CTAs (Call to action) and the CTA text.
  4. Make your forms as simple as you can.
  5. Remove all fields that aren’t required.
  6. Make your product descriptions better.

Ending Note

Whether you’re trying to increase conversions or visitors, you must track the effects of your efforts. It is not enough to simply look at total visitors or page view counts; and you need to look at where they’re coming from, what they’re doing on your site, and where they’re leaving the conversion funnel.

You can better cater to what works and eliminate what doesn’t if you have accurate data on your visitors. Most analytics software includes features for tracking what your visitors do on your site and where they get stuck in the conversion process.

Have something more to add? Or did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.