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Organic Vs. Paid Media: Why Paid Media Gives a Better ROI?

As marketing becomes more sophisticated, marketers are leveraging technology to streamline marketing tasks and improve service delivery. One way that technology has boosted marketing is through marketing automation, which basically involves optimizing marketing efforts to increase efficiency.
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Is an Outsourced CMO the right choice for your business?

Marketing is a more intimate business activity, and CMOs and C-level executives are charted with setting the strategy and tone of Marketing. They define the complete brand and personality of the company. Can that be outsourced? Really?
Marketing Strategy Vs Vision Have You Been Getting it Wrong
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Marketing Strategy Vs Vision (Have You Been Getting it Wrong this Whole Time?)

Having a vision is an important first step in your journey to achieving business objectives. It entails a degree of competency, imagination, and passion that when combined, helps form a vivid image concerning the materialization of your dreams.
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6 Questions to ask your Fractional CMO

These days it is easy to find less expensive resources who may be knowledgeable in 1 or 2 marketing disciplines, such as SEO or content marketing. Your CMO, however, should have a strong general marketing background.
Ways A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Can Help Your Bus
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5 Ways A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Can Help Your Business

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is exactly what the name implies. He or she is an executive-level marketing resource, with years of strategic and tactical marketing experience, whom you hire on an as-needed basis.
Reasons NOT to hire a Fractional CMO
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8 Reasons NOT to hire a Fractional CMO

#1: Your sales guys already have too many good leads. #2: You don’t want to hire an extra accountant to help book all your sales. #3: You have unlimited money for marketing. #4: You love doing marketing in your spare time.
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What’s Best for Your Business – Paid or Organic Traffic?

Paid advertising is just for those with the big bucks, right? WRONG! If you’re just getting started, or still needing to grow your customer base, then you can’t afford NOT to pay for your traffic. But isn’t “organic” better?