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Kuware-PPC-Terms and Conditions

  1. General
    • We strive to get the ads up and running for within 10 business days of receiving the Onboarding Form.
    • Our success depends on your success. Please promptly communicate all concerns and issues promptly with us to be addressed in a timely fashion.
  2. Google Ads Security
    • To keep your account secure, we require you to set up two-Step Verification authentication on your Google Ads account. Two-step authentication reduces the likelihood of successful hacking attempts.
    • Client accounts created by Kuware will have two-step authentication requirements enabled.
  3. Lead Handling
    • We will monitor call data to ensure that tracking is working, but you will be responsible for answering the phone, contacting lead form submissions, and winning new business.
    • We do not listen to phone calls or review lead forms.
  4. Communication Options
    • There will be a status update call with your Account Manager every 2 weeks
    • If you need additional communication, you may reach out to your Account Manager. This may require an additional fee.
    • Your Account Manager is available from 9 to 5 CST (GMT – 5 Hrs)
  5. Response Times
    • Your email requests will be responded to within 24 business hours.
    • Please note that response time and resolution time are not the same things. Although we try to resolve requests upon the first response, if you request something requiring extensive time or outside of the scope of our strategy, this can sometimes take a few days.
  6. Call/Meetings Policy
    • All calls with Kuware must be at a computer screen with reliable internet and in an environment free of distraction.
    • We will request rescheduling the call in case of connectivity issues, problems hearing, background noise, etc.

    Account Management

  7. Account Build/Structure
    • Kuware uses set build structures, settings, ad copy, keywords, and extensions depending on the niche and budget.
    • This setup is at the discretion of your Account Manager and is in the best interest to get you the most leads for minimum spend.
    • In order for us to work seamlessly, Kuware should be the only account holder making changes to a client account, including but not limited to:
      Budget updates
      Campaign pause
      Bidding Adjustments
      Conversion Goal Adjustments
  8. Location Extensions
    • We encourage all clients to get a GMB account and ensure that the information is accurate.
    • When the data is linked from a GMB account, Kuware is not responsible for errors in location extensions.
  9. Budget
    • Account budgets are paced based on a calendar month and not a billing cycle.
    • Daily budgets will fluctuate based on performance, pacing, and Google’s ad delivery frequency.
    • It is common and acceptable that we pace high or low during the month.
    • We try to adjust budgets and pace to make the total monthly budget last until the last day of the month.
    • Due to fluctuating search volume and Google’s ability to overspend a daily budget, it is not uncommon for us to pause 2-3 days early.
    • Kuware will not provide any refund or concessions for running out of budget early.
    • If you submit a budget update, the budget update is assumed to apply to the current calendar month unless otherwise stated in the request. For example, if you increase the budget from $1000 to $2000 on October 15th, we will adjust the budget to spend $2000 in the calendar month of October.
    • We might not use the entire budget if it is increased close to the end of the month because the Search volume available for the remainder of the month might be limited.
    • If you decrease your budget mid-month, please consider that we’ve already spent the budget so far this month. If the decrease is substantial, we may not have any budget left to spread out throughout the month, resulting in pausing campaigns.
  10. Account Change Requests
    • Kuware will apply only the strategies and optimizations in the client’s best interest.
    • If the requested change is not in the account’s best interest, we may not fulfill the
    • We appreciate that this may cause frustration, but it is best for your long-term success.
  11. Unauthorized Changes in Ad Account
    • We will not tolerate 3rd parties (partners, clients, or other agencies) making changes
    • If we discover changes made inside a managed account without our prior disclosure, we will issue a warning on the first infraction.
    • The second infraction will result in a penalty fee equal to management fee and possible cancellation.
  12. Reporting
    • We provide access to a performance dashboard built on Google Data Studio. The performance dashboard displays live data from Google Ads.
  13. Landing Pages
    • Kuware creates and tests landing pages using proven templates.
    • Kuware, not the advertiser, owns these pages.
    • All our landing pages are built on Swipepages.
    • Each Landing Page fulfillment includes at the most 2 rounds of iterations. During these iterations, the Client is required to provide feedback mainly on factual information, making sure that the client is not misinterpreted.


  14. Call Tracking
    • Our approved call tracking provider is CallTrackingMetrics.
    • We do not accept any other providers.
    • All clients get one local phone number forwarded to a landline included in their setup fee.
    • US phone numbers will also have calls forwarded to cell phones included.
  15. Additional Charges
    • Kuware incurs additional costs for toll-free numbers and forwarding international numbers to mobile phones.
    • You may request a custom quote for actual costs.
    • We will apply these additional costs to your invoice.
  16. Connectivity Issues
    • Kuware will troubleshoot connectivity issues within reason.
    • We cannot troubleshoot third-party software and services (i.e., client answering service causing an issue with connection)
    • We are happy to place you in touch directly with Call Tracking Metrics to troubleshoot to provide the quickest resolution.
  17. Unanswered Calls
    • If you do not answer the phone, that doesn’t mean a caller will automatically leave a message.
    • No refunds are issued for Call Tracking Metrics costs or click costs associated with unanswered calls.
  18. Spam Calls
    • Spam calls may occur with call tracking.
    • Kuware does not charge for these calls, and these calls are not associated with clicks or click fees, so no refunds are issued for Spam calls.
    • You can report excessive spam calls to us, and we will then block the number or elect to purchase a new tracking number at no additional cost.
  19. Call Tracking Testing
    • Kuware may at any time conduct test calls if we ever feel there may be an issue with call tracking.


  20. Onboarding and One-Time Fees
    • Payable in advance
    • Not refundable
  21. Monthly Management Fee
    • The first monthly management fee will be invoiced on the day the campaigns are ready to go live and will recur monthly on that date, autopay.
    • Monthly management fees are billed based on the client’s budget, not actual Ad spend.
    • Management fees will not be adjusted based on actual Ad spend.
    • Management fees apply unless/until Client has submitted an official request to cancel management.
    • Due to the nature of optimizations and vendor fees associated with our management, a cancellation mid-billing cycle will not result in a refund of any type.
  22. Non-payment
    • We will discontinue our management and consider it canceled for any account that has any recurring invoices that are outstanding and past due by more than three days.
    • On the 4th day and until the account becomes current:
      • All Client campaigns are paused
      • All-access to the reporting dashboard is disabled
      • All landing pages purchased through us are disabled
      • Any call-tracking numbers are disabled
    • We reserve the right to turn all delinquent accounts over to a third-party collections agency and report the delinquency to all applicable agencies (credit bureaus, better business bureau, etc.).

    Account Cancellation

  23. Account Cancellation
    • There is one business day turnaround for any cancellation or pause request to be executed.
    • Kuware would not be responsible for any ad spend over the weekend if the agency submits the cancellation/pause request on Friday.
    • A cancellation means Kuware will pause all campaigns, release all tracking numbers, unpublish all landing pages, and remove the client from the reporting dashboard.
    • A cancellation means Kuware will pause all campaigns, release all tracking numbers, unpublish all landing pages, and remove the client from the reporting dashboard. Monthly Pause fees will apply.
    • Please make sure you download any reports you require before the cancellation date.

    Google Policies

  24. The account is Down due to the payment method.
    • Google will stop running ads in an account if there is an issue with the payment method on file.
    • Kuware is not responsible for or able to resolve any billing issues with Google.
  25. Account Under Review
    • Google may, at its discretion, place any account “under review.” During this period (typically 1 to 3 business days), ads will not be eligible to run.
    • Unfortunately, Kuware is not able to expedite this process. These reviews are typically related to billing verification and are for your client’s safety.
  26. Overspend Policy
    • One of Google’s Ads policies allows Ads to spend up to 200% of the daily budget. In addition to delayed reporting, this policy makes it easy to spend over a set daily budget.
    • Although Kuware has tools in place and makes many adjustments to ensure we stay within the monthly budget, Kuware is not responsible for overspending up to 20% over the monthly account budget.
  27. Prohibited Content
    • Google restricts and prohibits the advertising of various products and services such as prescription drugs, firearms, counterfeit goods, etc. Google can update this list at any time.
    • If we determine that a client can no longer advertise due to this policy, we let the client know immediately.
  28. Account or Ads Down Due to Policy Issues
    • Google may stop running ads in an account due to a policy issue with ads, landing pages, websites, content, service/product restrictions, etc. Their policies are updated frequently and often without announcement.>
    • It is not uncommon for ads to be disapproved by Google incorrectly, and Kuware will work with Google to resolve this.
    • Although uncommon, if we cannot resolve the policy issue, we will try our best to find an alternative solution such as a new service, platform, landing page, etc.
  29. Remarketing
    • Unfortunately, not every client will be eligible to participate in Remarketing. Google has clear privacy policies related to cookie-ing remarketing audiences.
    • If eligible. Remarketing Search Text Ads are already included in your PPC Management.
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