Content writing x
Avi Kumar

14 Tips for Writing Engaging Content

I can’t teach you to write engaging content in the space of a blog. I‘m not sure I’m even qualified to try. I can, however, offer as many tips as I can that I’ve picked up along my content marketing journey throughout my career.
Google New Search Query Alert Feature for Webmaster Tools x
Avi Kumar

Google’s New Search Query Alert Feature for Webmaster Tools

In most workplaces a webmaster has to wear many hats and deal with multiple projects. This means it can become very difficult to keep track of multiple websites, and occasionally a problem can develop and not be noticed for some time.
Google Spreadsheet x
Avi Kumar

Google Spreadsheet – A New Feature in Webmaster Tools

While checking our webmaster tools we generally feel the need to download the data directly to our Google spreadsheet. This has recently been made possible with a new download option in our webmaster panel.
Introducing Google’s Webmaster Academyx
Avi Kumar

Introducing Google’s Webmaster Academy

Continuing education is very important for webmasters, especially given the constant addition of all the new features to websites, as well as the analysis required. Webmasters are flooded with an enormous amount of data when starting up a website.
Google Plus Badges x
Avi Kumar

Google+ Badges

In November, 2011, when Google launched Google+ pages, they also released Google+ badges to promote Google+ on websites. These Google+ badges are now out of preview, and available on all websites and for all users.
Google Snippets x
Avi Kumar

Google Snippets

Almost every time we search on Google we have a pretty good idea about what we are looking for, but as the results are displayed, we need more details so we can see which sites suit our requirements the best.
Googlebot for Smartphone x
Avi Kumar

Googlebot for Smartphone

Accompanying the trend of increasing smartphone sales, a number of websites have recently started providing content specifically designed to be accessed on smartphones. Googlebot-Mobile has now initiated a crawling smartphone user-agent, in addition to its previous feature phone user-agent.
Google Search GET or POST x
Avi Kumar

Google Search: GET or POST

Google continues to update its crawling and indexing capabilities. Most recently, Google has improved its indexing of Flash, and came out with a very robust infrastructure called Caffeine. With increased usage of JavaScript and AJAX, it has been noticed that more and more pages require POST requests.
Google Analytics Update x
Avi Kumar

Google Analytics Update

Based on feedback from recent search query data regarding Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics has added the following reports in the traffic source section.
site health x
Avi Kumar

Site Health

Webmasters are typically very busy people. With dozens of websites to manage, they have no time to waste. So to help out busy webmasters, Google Webmaster has come up with a new idea to represent "site health".
Website Reconsideration x
Avi Kumar

Website Reconsideration

A live website must be submitted to Google before it will appear in Google search results. However, a website may not appear in Google searches even after submission, or it may suddenly start ranking lower, despite apparent compliance with the Google Webmaster Guidelines.