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14 Tips for Writing Engaging Content
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14 Tips for Writing Engaging Content

I can’t teach you to write engaging content in the space of a blog. I‘m not sure I’m even qualified to try. I can, however, offer as many tips as I can that I’ve picked up along my content marketing journey throughout my career. Here they are.

1.  Choose Your Topic Carefully: If you are pursuing a lead generation content strategy, your prospects or target audience should decide what you write. If you spent time and effort on your customer avatar, you should have a good idea what that is. Use that information to inform your content marketing strategy.

2. Find your voice: Ultimately you are writing content to enhance your personal brand and position yourself as an authoritative thought leader. The only way to do that is to find your voice, your cadence, your tone, and use them consistently.

3. Be authentic: Be genuine and authentic in your writings. Nothing will destroy your credibility more quickly than being disingenuous.

4. Content Length: Remember, working professionals don’t have time to read a long post, so keep it concise and to the point. Experiment with a few types of lengths and determine which one gets the most hits. Most people will tell you 300-600 words work well, but test and determine that for yourself.

5. Write Often: Write shorter, more frequent posts so your readers know when and what type of content to expect from you.

6. Remember Your Audience: When it comes to writing engaging content for LinkedIn, remember to focus on your target audience. Remember, your readers are busy professionals who are most likely reading your content on a mobile device so grab them early and make sure your content speaks to the issues that matter most to them.

7. Choose an Engaging Headline: You need to have an engaging headline in order to get your prospects to read your engaging content under it. Questions tend to work well.

8. Use first person when you write: Why? Because you are a real person talking to real people (see Tip #3: Be Authentic).

9. Use an image of a face: Human psychology teaches that we are instinctively drawn to look at human faces. Next best – at least use an image of a person.

10. When possible write your own posts/articles: Posts and articles written or appearing to be written by you as opposed to posting something someone else has written will generally get better engagement.

11. When possible use LinkedIn Publishing: Articles written on LinkedIn Publishing tend to get better engagement (but test within your network).

12. Be consistent: Develop a content calendar and stick to it.

13. Prioritize Quality over Quantity: Post only when you have something of value or interest to say. Some commentators indicate that you shouldn’t post to LinkedIn more than 20x/month and state that posting 1x/day should allow you to reach up to 60% of your network.[1]

14. Mix it up: Use short updates, longer articles, video, shares, and other types of content. It will keep you interesting (and you will be able to determine which format your target audience prefers).

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