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Google Spreadsheet – A New Feature in Webmaster Tools

While checking our webmaster tools we generally feel the need to download the data directly to our Google spreadsheet. This has recently been made possible with a new download option in our webmaster panel. This option allows downloading almost all features like crawl errors, inbound links and search queries recorded, etc. Now this data can be easily exported in either CSV (comma separated values) or Google docs format.

CSV has been a download option for a long time. CSV helps in importing data from any other spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel and so forth. The recently added option in Google Docs opens up the newly created data sheet in a new browser tab.

The ability to generate the Google Docs spreadsheet is expected to help webmasters crunch the data gathered even faster than before. Graphs and charts can also be easily generated using the data in the spreadsheet. This enables webmasters to understand the long term trends impacting a website.

More details on webmaster tools and using Google spreadsheets can be found in the Webmaster help forum.

By Avi Kumar

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