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Introducing Google’s Webmaster Academy
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Introducing Google’s Webmaster Academy

Continuing education is very important for webmasters, especially given the constant addition of all the new features to websites, as well as the analysis required. Webmasters are flooded with an enormous amount of data when starting up a website. Analyzing and understanding all this data can make life very difficult for them.

However, a new educational program has been launched at Google’s Webmaster Academy to help new webmasters get up to speed with all of the new features and analysis tools. The objective is to provide very practical and easy to learn lessons for beginner webmasters. The topics range from as basic as indexing the site to helping students understand the intricacy of webmaster tools and features.

Novice webmasters have the option to go step by step, or those with some experience can customize the details they receive on the subject. You can pick and choose your subjects, and most of the lessons are accompanied by videos from the Webmaster Central YouTube Channel for optimum understanding. Check out this link if you are interested in learning more or logging into the Webmaster Academy!