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In November, 2011, when Google launched Google+ pages, they also released Google+ badges to promote Google+ on websites. These Google+ badges are now out of preview, and available on all websites and for all users.

These badges can be integrated into any website in various ways. Furthermore, you can customize the size, color and so forth of the badge to suit your needs. Even the +1 and circle count can now be matched with the Google+ badge.

With the availability of these customizable Google+ badges, visitors to your website could easily be added into the social network loop. In a very recent survey, it was noted that on average, badges accounted for an additional 38% of followers. A user visiting your website can very easily discover the Google+ badge and connect in numerous ways. The overall contribution can be significant, and is simply measured by adding +1 to your website, sharing your site with their circles, then seeing which of their friends have +1’d your site and clicked through to visit your Google+ page.