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Webmasters are typically very busy people. With dozens of website to manage, they have no time to waste. So to help out busy webmasters, Google Webmaster has come up with a new idea to represent “site health”. The newly designed homepage of the webmasters tool allows you to see the site’s health immediately. Without even clicking, the webmaster can see which areas need attention first. As of publication, this new feature is only available to webmaster accounts with less than 100 sites. But an update for larger accounts is expected soon.

Currently the three issues highlighted in site health are:

   1) Malware detection
   2) Removal of important URLs
   3) Robot.txt blocking any important URLs

A webmaster can click on any of these links to get more details about the issue. If no link pertaining to these issues is present, it can be safely assumed that the website is doing well and the webmaster can focus on other issues.

Once the problem is resolved, it may take up to several days for the unhealthy flag to disappear from the webmaster tool account. Eventually the crawler will re-crawl the website, and check if all of the fixes had been done correctly. If the issue persists for longer than a week, then you should double-check that the corrections were made.

By Avi Kumar

The driving force behind Kuware, Avi is a powerhouse of talent. It’s rare to come across a person who understands the finer nuances of business and technology at the same time. His focus to bring about a positive change to the client’s business has contributed to the long-standing relationships between Kuware and its clients. In his free time, Avi mentors youngsters or reads books, blogs and magazines.