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Website Reconsideration

A live website must be submitted to Google before it will appear in Google search results. However, a website may not appear in Google searches even after submission, or it may suddenly start ranking lower, despite apparent compliance with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. This tends to make a webmaster nervous. The next step is to send the website back to Google for reconsideration.

Google has recently become much more responsive with reconsideration requests. They are now, not only confirming receipt of requests, but also dispatching a follow-up message when they’ve begun processing the request. These conformations are sparing webmasters from excessive fretting. After some very positive feedback on such initiatives, Google has taken the service even further.

Webmasters are now receiving more detailed responses clarifying any specific violations of Google Webmaster Guidelines. This helps the webmaster pinpoint the requisite corrections. Some of the common information and suggestions making life easier on the webmasters include:

  • Reasons for a website’s lower ranking
  • Sites affected by manual spam action
  • Access issues preventing Googlebot from crawling and indexing pages

A clear answer from Google means webmasters don’t have to resubmit reconsideration requests repeatedly. And Google has promised to continue improving their communications with website owners.