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Almost every time we search on Google we have a pretty good idea about what we are looking for, but as the results are displayed, we need more details so we can see which sites suit our requirements the best. Google took this problem as a challenge and has developed rich snippets that present the user with appropriate highlights regarding the content of a page.

Google snippets highlight all the important aspects of the page. This typically includes the product that is offered for sale, information on upcoming events, how to prepare a recipe, etc. And it is easy to get more traffic with the addition of a very few simple mark-ups to the content.

A number of video tutorials are available through Google Webmaster on how to get started. The sole objective of these videos is to guide webmasters on how to mark up the content. This marking helps Google to understand and index the contents properly. Subsequently, the content is appropriately marked for snippets. Implementing rich snippets will do wonders for any content-rich website. High-quality, informative snippets result in better visibility, higher traffic, and eventually better ROI from your website.

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