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Web Applications – Concept to Product® Service

Web applications (or cloud-based applications) are server-based tools that can be accessed from your site to simplify business processes, allowing your customers to interact with your business in a unique way, or expand your business’ current offerings.

Web Applications – Concept to Product® Service

  • Effective way to engage your customers.
  • Let them experience the product virtually.
  • Helps them in taking better decisions.
  • Giving you the edge over your competitors.

With rich expertise across various business domains, Kuware can help you design and develop the perfect web app for your business.

Examples of Web Apps Created by Kuware

Braces Band Color Picker

Kids with braces often find the most enjoyable part of going to the orthodontist is picking out their new braces band colors. With this application, patients can experiment with their band colors long before visiting the orthodontist.

Technology: Java and PHP

Virtual Try On

This application allows customers to “try on” sunglasses online using an uploaded or live image of themselves. With this application, customers can pick out glasses that will flatter their face without having to go to a store to try on the glasses in person. The product images are sized correctly on the photo, so the customer will know exactly how the glasses will look on them.
After trying on the glasses online, the customer can buy them on the site’s eStore or find the location of the closest retailer which has the chosen model in stock. This application has increased the business’ online sales and reduced the number of product returns, since customers are able to see how the glasses will look before they buy.
Technology: Flash

Near Vision EZcheck

With the Near Vision EZcheck, patients can test their vision on any computer screen to determine their prescription power for reading glasses. This patent-pending web application is compatible on all browsers and uses an intuitive method to detect the screen size to readjust the vision test to the correct size.
Technology: Java and PHP

Vision Testing Kiosk

Kuware developed a web application for fully-functional stand alone kiosks which determines a customer’s full vision prescription. The web application runs from a central server and collects data from each location. This kiosk is an engaging tool to use in optical stores and quickly provides a much-needed service for customers.

Technology: PHP

City Search Location History

This application was developed for a company which specializes in geospatial sciences and technologies and generates historical reports for any location. Kuware developed this web application as an improvement on a previous application used by the company. This app works entirely online and can be used by multiple users at multiple locations, which has streamlined business processes across the company.
Technology: .net