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Drupal Vs WordPress x
Feb 26, 2015

Drupal Vs WordPress


Numbers are here but is that full story?


Can one pick a platform for one’s next website just by these numbers?

WordPress Drupal
Popularity 60.7%1 CMS websites 5.1%1 CMS websites
Plug-ins available 26,000+ 8,000+
Installation Complexity Easiest Easy
Web Development Process Easy Certain level of expertise required
Content Management on Live Site Very Easy Easy
SEO Integration Possible Possible
Websites using the platform BBC America, Sony Music, ebay Inc, Best Buy, Xerox, Fortune, Google Ventures Economist, NBC, White House, IKEA, The World Economic Forum


There a lot of considerations, but here are few easy checks:

  1. Will you need fine grain user level access control? Yes -> Drupal
  2. Will you need custom third party web technologies integration? Yes -> Drupal
  3. Do you want to keep your maintenance cost down? Yes -> WordPress
  4. Do you not plan to add much more than marketing functionality to your site? Yes -> WordPress
  5. Is it just a blog -> Definitely WordPress

These are just rough guidelines. Both CMS can be retrofitted to be a solution to your needs but the perfect solution requires detailed deliberation. At KUWARE, we build both Drupal and WordPress sites. We believe starting with a platform agnostic clean slate is the best way to do a fair evaluation. You cannot go wrong by first analyzing the business needs, then choosing the platform. Need help deciding? Call us! We will be happy to help.

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