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Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress from Shell Command Line

If you have shell access, the fastest way to install WordPress is from command line. By doing this, you avoid the hassle of installing WordPress by downloading it manually to your computer and then uploading it to the server. It can literally be completed in seconds.

Here are the steps:

      1. Log into shell window/terminal
      2. Change directory to the folder where you want to install WordPress
        cd path_to_install_directory Eg: cd /home/austin/wordpress/kuware/public_html
        ( IMPORTANT: If logged in as root then do this first: sudo -u site_user_name bash Eg: sudo -u kuware )
      3. Now lets get the files:
        wget (Gets the latest WordPress release archive tar file)
        tar xfz latest.tar.gz (Uncompresses the downloaded file)
        mv wordpress/* ./ (Moves the WordPress files to current directory)
        rmdir ./wordpress/ (Removes the empty WordPress directory)
        rm -f latest.tar.gz (Removes the downloaded tar archive file)
      4. We recommend using cPanel or another control panel to create a database and user. Do let us know if you want to do this on the command line and we will post those steps.