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Shopping Carts and its types
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Shopping Carts and its types

In plain and simple words, shopping carts are the functionality we add to websites for users to buy online. We have compiled a list of all the shopping carts for you at one place.

We have the following types of shopping carts:

      1. Hosted shopping carts or a.k.a eCommerce platforms are software-as-a-solution which are hosted by platforms on their own servers.
        Example: Shopify.
      2. Self-hosted shopping carts, these are traditional or the original shopping cart solutions that are hosted on your own servers.
        These can further be divided into two categories:
        • Open Source Shopping Carts which can be installed on your server but the source code is available to developers for bug fixing.
          Example: Woocommerce (WordPress), Drupal Commerce (Drupal), Magento.
        • Licensed Software is developed by a single company and is available for use on your own server on one-time fee payment.
          Example: CS-Cart
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