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Avi Kumar

Decoding SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Are you an email marketer who doesn’t understand what email authentication is vital? Well, you are not alone!
SPF, DKIM & DMARC are terms used for server authentication. These 3 terms prove that the email sender is an authentic entity & not an impostor.

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Avi Kumar

12 CRO Hacks for Your E-Commerce

Get the most out of your website traffic.
CRO can help you improve your eCommerce website & encourage customers to take desired actions. Try these 12 great CRO hacks to help you optimize your website for a better conversions rate.

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Avi Kumar

Understanding Facebook Pixel & iOS 14 Update

Tracking ads campaigns & finding target audience can be a tough job on Facebook
Facebook Pixel is the key to track Facebook Ads’ conversion & build unique audience base. With new iOS 14, Apple limits Facebook from collecting its user’s data without their permission.

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Avi Kumar

WordPress Website Speed Up Guide

Still, stuck with a slow WordPress website? Wondering what went wrong?
Fast loading websites enhance customer experience resulting in higher conversion rates. This guide will help you speed up your WordPress website in just few easy steps!

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