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Kuware Pricing

This is the most common question and is hard to answer because it really depends on what you need – especially because we only develop custom websites, which is like building a customized home.

  • Our custom marketing websites – design and development – start at $6,000
  • For websites where we provide content, they start at $12,000
  • Our custom eCommerce websites start at $13,000

Our  projects are billed based on an upfront quote  payable as follow:

  • 50% advance payable upfront at engagement
  • 25% on beta release (working software, which can be used but will not be not ready to go live)
  • 25% upon launch

You can pay us via

  • Direct Debit from Bank Account (ACH)
  • Credit Card (additional 4% Card Processing Fee will be applied)

Yes. We offer hosting solutions – but only for websites we build.

  • Our hosting is on dedicated cloud-based servers
  • Sites are tracked 24/7
  • Scheduled back-ups daily (last three days) and bi-weekly, 1st and 15th of the month
  • In the event of a crash, it takes less than 15 minutes to restore our websites from backup
  • Includes free CMS software upgrades quarterly, and for any critical security patch needed
For most customers with no extra needs (paid yearly in advance or auto-paid monthly)
  • Individuals: $50 per month
  • Basic Business Marketing site (usually wordpress): $100 per month
  • Complex Marketing site (usually Drupal): $125 per month
  • eCommerce site (usually Drupal or Magento): $150 per month
Payment Terms & Mode
  • Direct Debit from Bank Account
  • Credit Card (Additional 4% Card Processing Fee will be charged)

You are completely covered


For one request:

  • $92 Per Hour
  • Minimum Billing 4 Hours
  • We recommend collecting all of your change requests to avoid minimum charges for small amounts of work.

Prepaid Project or Engineering Hours:

  • $92 per hour with 10% bonus hours
  • Minumum purchase of 20 hours
  • All prepaid work is billed against paid hours in hourly increments.

Most of our customers who have ongoing needs for support have opted for our cost-effective maintenance plans.

  • Monthly $520 per month for 8 hours per month of support included
  • Additional hours are billed hourly at $60 per hour
  • Unused times is rolled from month to month for up to 6 months.