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Craft: Flexible and Powerful CMS

Craft CMS was developed by creators of Expression Engine. It is a propriety licensed CMS.

KUWARE team is well versed in designing and developing with Craft. Craft is designed with a clear focus of providing good but limited interface for managing content effectively.

Many Agencies prefer Craft over WordPress. KUWARE Team really does not have any preference for one over the other. Development in Craft requires extra customization than WordPress, mainly due to unavailability of large number of starter themes and plug-ins. This does impact the cost for development in Craft, making it slightly a bit more expensive (about 15-20% more than WordPress).

Craft Commerce

Craft released its much anticipated Commerce version to online eCommerce in December 2015.

So it is relatively new, but it is based on existing Commerce plug-in that has been used before. KUWARE Team is quite capable of building Craft Commerce sites, but given the short duration of Craft Commerce release we have done only demo sites with Craft Commerce.

KUWARE Craft Development and Maintenance

  • Building Craft Websites from ground up.
  • Custom-developing Craft modules.
  • API Integration
  • Fully Responsive Mobile Sites
  • Porting/Migrating Sites from WordPress or Expression Engine to Craft.

Checkout a sampling of our websites

KUWARE Team is capable of working on any CMS, two other major CMS we recommend quite often in addition to Craft are Drupal and WordPress.